Natural Resources of Pakistan

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The economic development of a country totally depends upon natural resources. The exploitation of natural resources and their usefulness depends upon the efforts of human beings.

Population of Pakistan

The population of Pakistan has gone beyond 150 millions which has made Pakistan seven biggest country in the world. To meet the needs of growing population we have to increase our agricultural production.
Self Sufficient

By the grace of Allah our economy is progressing to gain self sufficiency. Moreover some excess production of grains is exported to earn foreign exchange.Education is required to be developed on modern, lines. Modern techniques and research can accelerate the progress of agriculture and industry.
OverCome to Over-Crowed Population

The alarming situation is the rate of growth of population which is more than that of the production of natural resources. This thing effects the economic growth of the country. Through accelerated exploitation of existing energy resources, we can promote economy of the country


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